Livin’ The Dream Life Coaching was born of a deeply rooted conviction that each person has the gifts and capacities necessary to create a better life and become a better version of themselves. However, these gifts and capacities often go unrealized and underutilized, or are sidetracked by obstacles and distractions.

This is where Livin’ The Dream Life Coaching comes in. I foster the client’s gifts and capacities in a life-giving process. Utilizing active listening and powerful questions, the coach evokes transformation and growth in the life of each client. The partnership of client and coach sparks change in actions, attitudes, assumptions, and approaches.

Coaching is an opportunity to partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize your personal and professional potential. A coach can empower you if:

  • You find yourself in uncharted territory in your life, work,
    or leadership
  • You want to grow towards being your best self
  • You are preparing for or are in a new season in life,
    such as retirement or loss of a spouse
  • You are seeking clarity in the midst of change
  • You are amid a transition personally or professionally
  • You find yourself “stuck” in life or at work

If you would like to move beyond where you are today and move towards greater vitality then consider a partnership with us!

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