Tom Pietz, the founder of Livin’ The Dream Life Coaching, is an International Coaching Federation trained coach. He has served and led diverse organizations, large, medium and small, in Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa and Wisconsin. In his nearly 30 years of leadership, Tom has empowered individuals and teams to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities facing them. He has encouraged people to discover and claim their gifts and move into their preferred futures. Increased vitality and transformation have been the marks of his leadership and work. On numerous occasions he has inspired people to effectively navigate life transitions.

Having experienced the transformative power and possibilities of coaching as a client, Tom now offers this same opportunity to others.


  • An International Coaching Federation trained coach
  • Certified Coach in Natural Church Development's 8 Characteristics of a Healthy Church Coachsulting Process
  • Currently coaching for Faith Innovations through the Greater Milwaukee Synod, ELCA
  • Ordained pastor in ELCA since 1995
  • Graduate of Luther College, Luther Seminary and Fuller Seminary 
​Tom currently resides near Milwaukee with his wife Kris. He is a father to four children in their later teens and early twenties. He also is an avid musician, golfer, fitness and health nut.

Rev. Dr. Tom Pietz
Life, Grief, End of Life and Church Coach
​Rubicon, Wisconsin 53078

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