Coachsulting?  Huh?

Have you heard the word “coachsulting” and wondered, “What buzzword will people come up with next?” You’re not alone! The term is new and refers to people who have skills of both consultant and coach. First, let’s be clear on the difference between coaching and consulting.

What Is Coaching?

Typically in a coaching engagement, the coach asks powerful questions that help the client navigate their thoughts and generate an answer that already lies within them. A coach:

  • Aids by enabling learning, not teaching
  • Is not limited by a personal relationship
  • Is growth-focused
  • Does not need to be an expert in a specific industry
  • Encourages goals related to performance, results and outcomes

What Is Consulting?

In a consulting engagement, the consultant acts as a subject matter expert through content or experience and provides wisdom, answers or resources to the customer. A consultant:

  • Works with more than one person in groups, teams, department or boards
  • Executes specific deliverables, gathers data and reports on that data
  • Is problem-focused or issue-driven
  • Is regarded as the expert who will help identify and solve problems
  • Has goals related to programs, processes or systems

What Is Coachsulting?

Coachsulting provides both coaching and consulting services to the same clients under the same engagement. The goal is to provide one-on-one sessions that are tailored to the client’s specific personal and professional development needs. The engagement could entail a mix of coaching, training, wisdom and guidance at various points in the relationship based on the client’s needs. Coachsulting sessions are designed to enhance, develop and support leadership skills. Whether an individual is transitioning to leadership, an established leader or an individual contributor, the fusion of services is meant to help them achieve personal and professional goals.

Coachsulting provides both coaching and consulting services to the same clients under the same engagement.

As a coach, the coachsultant follows the client as they decide what they want to do, and as a consultant, they teach the client how to do it and encourages them in living it out to the fullest.


 Grief & End of life Coaching is a process of being with people who are dying and those who are grieving. This process, also known as The Coach Approach, recognizes the person (the one who is dying or the one who is grieving) as the expert of his/her life. An End of Life Coach is responsible for creating a ‘safe place’ in which the person feels free to share without self-censorship. The End of Life Coach asks powerful questions: questions that are born out of the coach’s deep listening. These questions invite the person to look within to find the answers that are already there yet have gone unacknowledged.  The Coach affirms the normalcy of the process of dying and the process of grieving. This particular form of being with another offers a person someone to walk alongside them without offering advice, fixing them, or assuming to know what is right for them. The Coach Approach honors the person’s wisdom and explores ways for them to live from it. Transformation occurs when the person is seen and heard in this deep way.

Rev. Dr. Tom Pietz
Life, Grief, End of Life and Church Coach
​Rubicon, Wisconsin 53078