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The reality of the American Church, and in particular, the Mainline Church, is that it is in decline. To learn more about this and how one church I served stabilized and then thrived, see this link. The Natural Church Development process became THE foundational tool to get our church FOCUSED on what was most important by addressing our most pressing area needing attention with our greatest strength.

We saw our church in the year 2000 go from 40 people in holistic small groups to 900 in three years. Why? Focus. We channeled our energy, time and resources while aligning the leadership and staff, while relying on the Holy Spirit’s power in prayer, and God blessed it. We did this process every 12-18 months to keep our leadership, staff, and church intentionally addresses our areas of ministry that needed the most attention while using our greatest strengths. Not only did First Lutheran in downtown Cedar Rapids grow in discipleship and evangelism by making mature disciples of Jesus Christ, we also had significant influence upon the Christian culture of the region. Our leadership partnered with some 65 local churches, truly a movement from God, that led to an amazing rescue effort at the time of the 2008 flood. It was “The Church” at its best.

It's critically important to bring someone in like myself who understands how much churches struggles, who knows the 8 Quality Characteristics of a Healthy Church, listed here or here, has experience implementing it in every church he leads, and who has had fruitful results coaching other churches.

Are you ready to GO FOR IT?! You will need 30 people, hopefully involved in some sort of small group, to take the NCD survey, which are then turned in and sent to Chicago to be processed. I have 3 workshop format options I recommend for you to discuss which is best for your group.

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