Relationship Coaching

Most relationships need to do deeper work to thrive. It’s hard to maintain a relationship well over several to many years. Like the “Check Engine” car maintenance light going off, our relationships need a “Tune Up” once in a while as well, so it can “run” or “perform” at its optimal ability.

For nearly 30 years I have prepared 150-200 couples for marriage using a tool called Prepare/Enrich. It has been my pleasure to accompany couples in whatever phase of their relationship to assess their couple health, by exploring strengths and growth areas, asking powerful questions to unlock undiscovered expertise within the two, and then to create action steps towards their preferred future.

The Prepare/Enrich Assessment takes 30 minutes to complete online.

We then meet for typically 1-3 sessions to process together. Most couples come away with encouragement, new insights to strengthen their relationship, and a plan to thrive as a couple well into the future. Consider a Tune-Up today!

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